New Alter Videos Volume 4 From Sarti Design

Sarti Alter 4 pic

The Alter Videos from Sarti Design are a great resource that I use regularly. I ran media for a concert recently and used several Alter Videos. This product is especially cool if you have 3 screens. I had the foreground video on the middle screen by itself. I had the background video (with lyrics on it) on the left and right. These are a great resource for adding depth to your creative programming.

Each Alter theme features two different types of videos:


This is the “feature” video for each Alter theme. With engaging footage and powerful imagery, the foreground video can provide a worshipful ambiance, unique pre-program atmosphere, or a thoughtful meditative piece.

This is an “altered” version of the foreground video and can be used as a song background. It is simplified enough to be complementary, with the purpose of having text placed over it, yet powerful enough to enhance your worship experienence.

If you don’t have volumes 1-3, I encourage you to get the 4-pack. If you just want volume 4, you can get it straight from Sarti Design ($40), the MediaShout Store ($40) or WorshipHouse Media ($45).

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