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I recently reviewed two new products from eleven72’s new “Progaming Pack” line of products. Programming Packs are themed collections of media designed to fine tune your service.

eleven72 Jesus pic

Their first one entitled “Jesus Vol. 1” is available through their website or WorshipHouse Media. You can click HERE to preview the video “Jesus Is” or to purchase just the video alone.
eleven72 prayer
The second Programming Pack is entitled “Prayer Vol. 1” and is currently only available through eleven72. Each volume (which is your best bargain) includes 10 media pieces centered around who Jesus is, including 2 sermon illustrations, 1 countdown, 2 worship backgrounds and 5 still backgrounds.


I dig their countdowns! I’ve been crying out for a long time for producers to make useable countdowns. What do I mean by “useable”? Most countdowns are fun, silly, great for youth events, but not created to prepare the heart for worship.

The problem is where do we use countdowns? Prior to worship. The prelude or pre-service or gathering time is a time that a lot of churches take seriously and are looking for visual aids that create an atmosphere of reverance and ready the worshipper to worship. These countdowns are what I call “useable countdowns” and I highly endorse them!

Prayer CountdownI Am Countdown

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