New Year Resolutions

Each year I make “New Year Resolutions”. Of course I’m doing the standard: spend more time with God, spend more time with my family, lose weight, etc. I take all those seriously and plan to do all three, but I wanted to blog about a more specific list of ministry goals for 2008. Here they are:

  • Lead, empower and develop my Tech Arts Leadership Team
  • Lead a smooth transition into our new worship center and the remaining projects and renovations
  • See our team double in size
  • See our team become closer and share more social time together
  • Develop and lead well those that I oversee
  • Have a better process for assimilation for newcomers to the team
  • See that our team and each volunteer does what they do better
  • Video and catalog special moments throughout the year for a highlight video at the end of the year
  • Raise the bar for excellence and quality in our corporate worship
  • Offer more training for our Tech Arts team
  • Help train and develop other tech teams and leaders for children and youth
  • Improve upon and expand my knowledge of Final Cut Pro
  • Go on a mission trip
  • Read several more books (ministry, business and leadership)
  • Continue writing for several magazines
  • Complete at least 2 of my 3 book projects before the year ends
  • Add some new classes and information to the conferences that I teach at
  • Work with more churches to help them grow in their worship and technical ministry


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