Nudge by Leonard Sweet

Yesterday, I noticed my friend, Spencer Burke, tweeting about his interview with another friend of mine, Leonard Sweet.…

Yesterday, I noticed my friend, Spencer Burke, tweeting about his interview with another friend of mine, Leonard Sweet. This conversation and Sweet’s new book “Nudge” grabbed my attention as this discussion is based around something God has been up to in my life over the last year and I plan to blog about soon.

Read what Spencer says about Nudge: Leonard Sweet calls us to make an impression—a God impression—a nudge, a dent on everyone we meet. But how we do that is to listen to discern what the Spirit is already doing, and to nudge that person toward understanding that God is working in their life. And by doing so, by recognizing and naming those nudges, we are nudged as well. We discover incredible ways that God is working all around us. We observe His creativity and imagination in all our senses—hearing, tasting, seeing, touching, smelling.

The subtitle of Nudge is Awakening each other to the God who is already there. Every person you meet is a divine appointment, says Leonard Sweet as he talks about his new book, Nudge, with Spencer Burke, host of ThinkFWD. The overarching premise is that we don’t take Jesus anywhere, but that wherever we go, God is already there and our job is to find out what He’s doing and join in.

This thinking takes a different approach to evangelism. Rather than thinking of evangelism and discipleship as two distinct tasks of followers of Christ, Sweet suggests that they are bound together. Whereas in the past, evangelism was touted as go and tell, Sweet says we need to shut up and listen. Our role is not to come into a situation and tell our story, but rather to listen, to hear, to study what is happening in another person’s life, or in the community we are in. By doing this, we are recognizing that God is already there and we are following His lead. Sweet quotes John Wesley’s life-changing words, Go and see the poor in their hovels, for Jesus is already there and He will be with you.

Very likely, it was not just one person that helped nudge you in your journey to faith in God, but it was many people’s influence in your life. Many impressions that moved you to faith in God. And this is the part we can play for each other, awakening each other to God who is already at work all around us.

Spencer, then follows up with 2 great questions that I’d love for you to answer and comment on here:

  • How have you identified nudges in your own personal spiritual journey?
  • Do you tend to begin by telling your story, or by listening to others and for what God is already doing?

*** Go HERE to watch a video discussion between my two friends, Leonard Sweet and Spencer Burke.