Oaktreeidea and Thanksgiving Resources

Kent, from Bombay Creative and ChurchRelevance, told me about Oaktreeidea. What is Oaktreeidea? Here’s the description from their website:

Oaktreeidea is not your average online social community. If you want to make a real difference in the world, then our site is for you. We have built the site for the innovators, the out-of-box thinkers, the emerging churches, the creative people and those living life with purpose, passion and meaning.

Use our site to: meet others, inspire, collaborate, to reach out, make a positive impact in your community, introduce your ministry to the world, to show God’s love, to give hope to others, and to promote any other positive world changing endeavor you may have.

The founders of Oaktreeidea.com originally founded the site to facilitate the exchange of prayers and encouragement to and from people all across the world. As the site grew, the staff realized that there was a much bigger need than just our humble beginnings as a Hope Exchange. Christians, and the greater online community, were looking for an online environment that was creative, cutting edge and comfortable. This is when our staff began to work on what we called “Oaktree Idea.”

The new Oaktreeidea.com seeks to bring people together that have a passion for God, life, community, and have the drive and urgency to make a difference in this world. The site is also geared for those that are seeking direction in their life and want to learn more about the Christian faith. We want to be a gathering place for the purpose driven, the innovators, the difference makers and the ones that want to leave their stamp on the world. Our hope is that the new site will foster creativity and innovation in the world and be the launching pad for the next great idea that will leave a positive impact on the world.

Igniter FREE Thanksgiving loop


Want a FREE Thanksgiving looping background? Igniter Media Group has got you covered. Just go their homepage and click on “Free Download”.


Check out “Thanks Backs” from Wasteland Media in the WorshipHouse Media seasonal store. These new seasonal backgrounds (many are good for all Fall and Winter) are available in standard size (800×600) and in wide format (1280×720).

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