One of My Favorite Video Clips

Be Still pic
Be Still” from is one of my favorite videos. I show it at every conference I speak at. This Sunday my home church used it in worship. My desire in starting this blog was to share “church video ideas” from time to time – to not just tell the ‘who’ and ‘what’, but to talk about the ‘how’.

My home church (Fellowship Dallas) used the video just like I did at the last church where I served. They started off the service with 2 upbeat/celebratory songs, then had the video “Be Still” come right in after the second song. The video starts with a loud “Shhhhhh!!!”, then is silent for the remainder of it. The people just stood there silently and watched the words unfold on the screens. The video ended and our worship pastor, Sammy Davenport, softly began to sing and play “The Heart of Worship” (When the music fades and all is stripped away…). Many people commented that it was a very moving time during the morning worship.

Our pastor was preaching on being still before God and waiting on Him, so the video and the way it was used in worship really helped put things in perspective. Singing words like “I’m coming back to the heart of worship and it’s all about You, Jesus” was perfect to follow the video. If you don’t have the video “Be Still” in your media library, I strongly encourage you to download it.

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