Out of Commission

I had a great time in Indy, but as I mentioned: I overdid it. My back is now out and giving me some serious trouble. I’ve had back surgery in the past, so I’m no stranger to back pain. I believe the wearing of “the boot” on my bad foot has aggravated my back (the boot makes one leg taller than the other). So, I’m at home with my laptop, rotating heat and ice on my back. I’d appreciate your prayers.

FreshBacks title

My new backgrounds, called “Fresh Backs Vol. 1“, are available at the Shoutable Store. Look for “Recent Additions”, then “Downloadable” or click HERE and scroll down to “Fresh Backs”.


  • A video with a point called “What’s Your Price?” – FREE from SermonSpice
  • Numb“, FREE from WorshipHouse Media, includes 1 Short film, a leaders guide and teaching outline, along with handout questions.


LifeChurch.tv just updated their website. Job well done to Terry Storch and crew.

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