Phil Cooke's "10 Random Thoughts About Religious TV"

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Phil Cooke just sent me his latest blog, which I thought you might enjoy. Here’s Phil’s “10 Random Thoughts About Religious TV”:

1. If a pastor or evangelist wears fake hair, he’ll probably lie about other things.

2. The more outrageous the product offer, the more spiritually bankrupt the ministry leader.

3. What makes the phones ring is often theologically suspect.

4. Most “World Outreach Centers” rarely reach outside their neighborhood.

5. No matter what they say, telethons aren’t about ministry. They’re about money.

6. If you think your idea is a “new revelation,” chances are, it’s not.

7. Media buying is where all the money is in TV ministry.

8. The bigger the ministry, the more terrified they are of making a mistake.

9. Too many people say, “God told me to do this.” With most of those ideas, God would rather not get the credit.

10. 80% of ministries with jets don’t need them.

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