Easter is over! Are you glad? Are you exhausted and relaxing today? I hope so. I’d love to hear about your Easter services. Tell me how things went at your church. I got to experience a number of Easter services. Friday night I watched the live stream online of Church of Hope in Ocala, FL. Saturday night, I went to church online with and Flamingo Road Church. Sunday, we drove to Atlanta and went to North Point Community Church – awesome!

Today, I’m taking my family to Opening Day baseball game at the Atlanta Braves. I took my son to Opening Day last year with the Texas Rangers. As you know, I love going to baseball games. I’m really looking forward to our family taking in the first game of the season together this afternoon. I grew up a Braves fan and have fond memories.

I’m so grateful to all my friends that have been guest blogging for me so I could concentrate on my book. I’ve been able to get some serious writing done. I have a few more guests that I want you to hear from starting back tomorrow.

Again, tell me how yesterday was for you!

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