Post Video Director Training

Last night we had our Video Director training. I really appreciate so many of you posting tips for…

Last night we had our Video Director training. I really appreciate so many of you posting tips for Video Directors. I met with 2 of our video team leaders the night before and read them your comments. That then gave us a launching pad to come up with our own, unique dos and don’ts, etc. I put together a notebook with 3 different handouts in it. I gave each Video Director a Blockbuster gift card and a notebook.

We sat in a circle and discussed the main handout that I created, which covered basic tips, guidelines and standards. This apparently had never been done, so it was cool to get everyone on the same page. We had a great discussion then went upstairs for our hands-on portion of the training, which was to make sure that all of our Video Directors know how to key. From here on out we’ll be keying names every week, as well as occasional specials that are done in lower thirds.

I know many of you may already be keying every week, but for my church (I’m still fairly new there), this was new and something that I’ve been wanting us to add consistently for a while. Now, moving forward, all Video Directors will be required to be able to key. It was disappointing to have 2 Video Directors that didn’t make it out to the training session. This was the first training session for Video Directors held at my church in years (if ever). I’ll have to catch up the 2 that missed on all we covered last night.

All in all, it was a great and fruitful night and I’m pleased with the outcome of it. Everyone seemed to appreciate being given set guidelines, dos, don’ts, procedures, etc. I’m happy that our crew will be functioning in more of a professional manner and maintain a level of quality each week.

***Thanks for those of you that emailed me your Video Request Forms. If you have one and haven’t emailed it to me, please do. I’m taking ideas from several to create our own. Once I finish our form, I’ll make it available to anyone that wants it.


2 days ago I attended a luncheon of local tech and media directors. It was fun to meet guys from different churches around Dallas. Those that know me, know I’m a big networker.  I’m actually in 2 groups like this. This one was a “ya’ll come-type group” for many churches of all sizes. I’m also a part of a smaller group of 5 guys from similar churches that get together regularly. Do any of you have a local tech director meeting in your city?