Prayer is the Key

As you know, I’m new at my church. One thing I’m very big on is recruiting and involving…

As you know, I’m new at my church. One thing I’m very big on is recruiting and involving volunteers in ministry. (I talk a lot about that on my podcast and wrote about it recently) I mentioned yesterday in our Worship & Arts staff meeting that I had put an announcement in the bulletin, info sheets at the Information Booths and will be running an invitation to “join the Technical Arts Ministry” during the pre and post announcement slides.

Our worship pastor, Scott, reminded us that while there are various things that you can do to get the word out and find new volunteers, the main and best way to grow your team is through prayer. Prayer really produces the most fruit. It was a great reminder and a good word that I received in my spirit. Prayer should be at the center of our actions and campaigns to find and involve more people in our ministries.

Speaking of “my podcast“, we are back in the studio today putting the final touches on our copyright episode. It’s coming soon!

Free Are You Amazed
My boys at WorshipHouse Media are doing something unprecedented and very nice – they are giving away their current #1 best selling video (which they could make a lot of money on) for FREE…that’s right FREE. Here me now: this isn’t just any video, it’s #1 out of over 5000 products. The video is “Are You Amazed” and is one of my favorite videos from Igniter Media Group. You can absolutely work this into your Good Friday or Easter service(s).