Preparing For Easter: The 5-Spot Test

I’m reposting the following great article from Diana Davis and my friends at This is a wonderful…


I’m reposting the following great article from Diana Davis and my friends at This is a wonderful checklist to go through on this monumental week and is some of what I look for when I consult with a church. I hope it helps you prepare for Easter. Here’s her article:

Here’s a simple way to evaluate how guests see your church building. Take the 5-Spot Test.

Stop at five specific places around your church site for five minutes and answer five questions.

Spot #1: Church parking lot. Just before worship, park in a guest space.

  1. How easy is it to find a parking space?
  2. From here, how enticing is the building’s appearance and landscape?
  3. Is the parking lot well kept?
  4. Is the church sign current and attractive?
  5. Is the main entrance inviting?

Spot #2:  Main Church Entrance. Walk inside at the most obvious entry.

  1. Is the front door clean, attractive, well maintained?
  2. What’s your first impression? Consider décor, lighting, music.
  3. Is the entry area perfectly clean?
  4. Does signage direct guests to childcare, restrooms, worship center?
  5. Are wall displays and printed materials attractive, positive, current?

Spot #3:  Back row panoramic. Sit on the third row from the rear, left side.

  1. Is your view unobstructed? Can you hear well?
  2. What is the overall atmosphere of the worship center?
  3. Are pew envelopes, books, pens or clipboards neat and current?
  4. Are seats, ceilings, walls and floors in perfect condition?
  5. Does worship center reflect careful consideration of décor, upkeep, seasonal touches?

Spot #4: Preschool area. Use directional signs to find the preschool hallway. Stand by the two-year-old classroom’s door.

  1. How simple is it to locate the children’s area?
  2. Is it well lit and spotlessly clean?
  3. Does it seem safe and secure?
  4. Are there obvious signs that Christian teaching occurs here?
  5. Is the hallway and room updated, stimulating, inviting?

Spot #5: Restroom. Use directional signs to find the nearest restroom.

  1. How easy is it to locate the restroom?
  2. Is it perfectly clean and well lit?
  3. Is décor very attractive and up-to-date?
  4. Is there a baby-changing table, seat covers, Bible shelf, purse hanger?
  5. Take a deep breath. Is the smell fresh?

Haggai 1:4 reads, Why are you living in luxurious houses while my house lies in ruins? (NLT). Friendly people, wonderful worship and Godly teaching will impact newcomers, but the building itself is part of that first impression. Make it count for Christ’s sake.

Click here for the 5-Spot Test chart as a PDF.

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