Proud Dad Moment

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take my son, Tommy (age 7), to meet with the Family Pastor at our church since he’s getting baptized this Sunday. He asked Tommy a series of questions and Tommy showed a clear understanding of the Gospel and salvation. I was proud.

The Family Pastor remarked that Tommy was a deep thinker and kept being blown away by his answers. The moment that made me swell up was when the Family Pastor asked Tommy what the act of baptism represented. Tommy said, “Before you go down into the water it represents Jesus on the cross. When you go under it represents Jesus in the grave. When you come up out of the water it represents Jesus’ resurrection.”

I was shocked because I never taught him that. AND the Family Pastor said Tommy was the first child to ever get that right and not have to be told what it symbolizes. Needless to say, I was a proud daddy. This Sunday I’ll have the privilege of baptizing my second child. Praise God.

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