Quotes That Stir

Last week I came across this quote on Twitter and it shook me. It stirred something deep within me and stopped me in my tracks. Do you ever have something that hits you like that? Here’s what I read:

“Our absence of fasting is a measure of our contentment with the absence of Christ.”  -John Piper

A simple statement, but one that resonated deep within me. I’m not announcing a fast or anything like that – I think that should be private. I just thought I’d share this quote and see if you have come across something recently that stirred you. If so, please share it with us.

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3 thoughts on “Quotes That Stir

  1. Here's a quote that stirred me –

    "The impact God has planned for us does not occur when we're pursuing impact, it occurs when we're pursuing God." – Phil Visher, creator of Vegitales, on Focus on the Family

    I keep a collection of quote like this. I'm adding John Piper's to it. Great blog

  2. wow, that is a great quote. unfortunately it's not just out absence of fasting that shows how content we our with the absence of christ in our lives… i'm pretty sure the list is far longer than that for most of us.