Reflections on MinistryCOM

Now that I’m back from Phoenix and have had time to reflect on my experience at MinistryCOM, I…

Now that I’m back from Phoenix and have had time to reflect on my experience at MinistryCOM, I thought I’d share my thoughts. Though, I taught a class, I still got to float around and catch as many sessions as I could. Here is my 2 cents:

1. MinistryCOM, under the direction of Terrell Sanders, did a great job of bringing in high caliber speakers (keynotes and workshops). Considering this was just the 2nd year for the conference, there was a very impressive line up of guest speakers. My two favorite sessions were actually large group sessions: One was by Kem Meyer and the other was the opening session by Mark Batterson. I’m sure Brad Abare’s closing session would have been a favorite, too, but I had to leave early to catch a flight (which we ended up missing anyway).

2. MinistryCOM is living proof at how quickly the Church world is changing. This conference wouldn’t have been possible even 5 years ago. That this conference had under 300 attendees is not a negative reflection on the conference, but a true reflection of the fact there are maybe 500 (max) Communication Directors or Communication Pastors that serve on staff at churches nationwide. As the field of communication continues to grow and become more and more of a priority and neccessity, the conference will grow right along with it.

3. I was encouraged to see so many artists (I speak at a lot of pastor or musician or techie conferences) – this was a cool experience to meet and be surrounded by so many gifted and creative folks.

4. I was encouraged and pleased to see that so many of these gifted artists have a desire and passion for the following: networking, growing, improving their skills set and improving their systems, processes and the way they administrate and organize their ministries.

5. I was encouraged and pleased that probably behind each attendee was a church that believed enough in the position and the person to put their money where their mouth is and send them to a conference like this.

Looking toward next year: If you’re a pastor reading this blog, please plan on sending someone from your church that acts in a role of communications director, webmaster, designer/graphic artist – anything like that. You won’t regret it!