Reflections On the BCS Championship

What I’m about to say is really preaching to myself more than anyone else. First of all, what…

What I’m about to say is really preaching to myself more than anyone else. First of all, what many of you may not realize (unless you follow me on Twitter) is that I had a last minute change of heart before the game and decided to pull for Colt McCoy and the University of Texas. Yes, I had earlier predicted Alabama to win and love the SEC, but I had watched Colt all 4 years in college and couldn’t abandon him in his last game.

So with a minute to go before the game, I sent out a Twitter message saying I was going to pull for Colt and Texas. If you watched the game, you know that Texas’ starting Quarterback Colt McCoy got hurt in the very beginning of the game – the first time they had the ball. His shoulder got injured and he was not able to return – he watched from the sidelines his final college game at the University of Texas – and not just any game, the National Championship.

Now, I knew Colt was a Christian and had seen his I Am Second video, but I had no idea how much poise and class he had until his post-game interview (seen below).

Where to begin? He didn’t whine, complain or belittle Alabama. Twice he complimented Alabama and said they were a great team. He didn’t say anything like, “It would have been different if I had played.” Nothing. And when it comes to his heart and his overall view of the situation – with the world watching – he said, “God is in control” and that he doesn’t question God.

I don’t fully know why God allowed him to get hurt in the biggest game of his young career, but I think some of it has to do with the grace he showed and glory he gave to Christ in his post-game interview.

I think God was glorified MORE in his injury and team losing than if he had played a great game, won, and said, “Thank You, Jesus.” He showed true faith and trust in Christ in a harder moment and for that reason, I believe God was pleased – very pleased.

Thank you Colt McCoy for showing us how to handle adversity and trials in life. “God is in control!” Amen.