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Wow. I can’t believe it’s been a year since Kyle Lake (who was only 33) died. KYLE’S FILM is now available on DVD and download, with the profits going to the a memorial fund for Kyle’s family.

On the morning of October 30th, 2005, Kyle Lake, while preparing to perform a baptism, was electrocuted and passed away a short time later. Again, he was only 33 years old. Kyle was the pastor of the church where David Crowder is the worship pastor. News of Kyle’s death spread quickly and shook a community of people spread across the nation. A husband and father to three children, Kyle was an up-and-coming author, pastor, innovative thinker, and a friend to many who practiced what he preached. He lived his life to the fullest.

This film serves as a memorial to Kyle, his family, and his life. While it is an imperfect form of art, its intention is to provide a glimpse into who he was. Kyle never got to preach his last sermon, but this film explores its conclusion and challenges us all to, in the words of Kyle, “Love God, Embrace Beauty, and Live Life to the Fullest.”

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