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Greg’s newest book was the #1 Hot New Release and Bestseller in its category on Amazon. It won a 2020 NLW Choice Resource Award. Check out his Hospitality Ministry Volunteer Handbook.

Whether you are a volunteer in your church’s guest services ministry or thinking about serving alongside ushers, greeters, welcome desk hosts, and parking lot attendants at your church, the Hospitality Ministry Volunteer Handbook is for you!

How does a member of the community see your church? When they hear your church’s name, what is their initial reaction? We want any individual who steps foot onto our church campus to immediately feel Christ’s love through our actions toward them–the question is, are we doing a good job at accomplishing that mission?

We might not think of customer service and church hospitality in the same vein, but this book shows how a service mentality can make life-changing first impressions on newcomers. It’s filled with specific, practical strategies and tools to help the hospitality ministry team show the love of Christ to every visitor.

Join author Greg Atkinson as he helps identify ways your church can increase its hospitality to the community around you, and, ultimately, reach those people for the Kingdom of God.

Do you have a ministry team? Grab a 5-Pack and save.



Greg’s third 5-star book is entitled Secrets of a Secret Shopper and is a bestseller in the Church Growth category. This book is on the ministry of hospitality, first impressions, and guest services for the local church written for pastors and church leaders. This book covers ten areas of focus including online presence, parking, signage, children’s ministry, security, and others.

The whole focus of this very practical book is to teach you how to reach and keep church guests. Greg’s passion is helping you turn first-time guests into second-time guests. If you’d like to be a more welcoming and inviting church, this book is for you.

If you’d like to learn more about the book before purchasing it, go HERE to view the book’s website.



Greg’s third book is called Strange Leadership and it’s been called “an encyclopedia on innovation.” This 5 star book became an Amazon Bestseller two weeks before it’s official release date and has been featured on,, Catalyst, ChurchCentral, FaithVillage,,, and in Rick Warren’s newsletter.

Are you a leader in a Christian organization? Is your church, ministry, or business lacking innovation? Perhaps you’re experienced in trying new things and moving in new ways, but you haven’t ever tried anything strange. Truly innovative leaders are often considered strange. Don’t settle for everyday leadership; immerse yourself in Strange Leadership!

Greg gives 40 different ways the Bible teaches us to be strange leaders. Greg pulls from Scripture to illuminate these concepts and, from the words and writings of other leaders, to drive them home. Strange Leadership is practically an encyclopedia on the subject of innovation. Go HERE to check out the book’s website and download free resources for your team, including a Team Discussion Guide.


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Greg’s second book is entitled Church Leadership Essentials and was published through Rainer Publishing. This book was named #62 on The Top 100 Best-Selling Church Leadership Books list published HERE. From the description on Amazon: Think of this book as a toolbox full of leadership tools for pastors and other church leaders. Greg Atkinson has the uncanny ability to get to the heart of issues, and offer solutions and resolutions in a practical and meaningful way. He packs 34 key leadership principles into concise but powerful chapters. This book is the vital leadership training that many seminaries fail to offer. It can revolutionize your ministry.

Greg wrote this 5 Star book to help people who either went to seminary and quickly found out they didn’t teach you everything you need to know and for pastors and church leaders who never got to go to school, but need to learn essential principles, lessons and leadership practices in the church. This book is based on Greg’s 20 years in ministry and we pray it will be a blessing to you. This book has been featured on, Catalyst, ChurchCentral, FaithVillage, and in Rick Warren’s newsletter.



When Christianity Today updated their Leadership Handbook on Management and Administration (published with Baker), they turned to Greg to write the technology chapter. This is a best-selling church leadership and administration book.

This substantial resource offers pastors and church leaders practical insight into the daily issues of running a church. Conceived and compiled by the editors of Leadership journal, this book covers the full spectrum of ministry practice. Readers will learn about perennial topics such as time management, negotiating the terms of a call, handling crisis and conflict, hiring and managing staff, conducting special fund drives, spending church money, and dealing with tax and law considerations. This revised and expanded edition of a proven ministry resource contains new contributions from prominent ministry leaders. Contributors include Leith Anderson, Rick Warren, Brian McLaren, Luis Palau, John Ortberg, Aubrey Malphurs, and many others.





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Greg’s first eBook is entitled Church Leadership 101, and has now been downloaded over 38,000 times. In this eBook, Greg shares basic leadership lessons in this very brief eBook. This eBook has been featured on or by, Catalyst,,,,,, WorshipIdeas and Rick Warren’s Pastors Toolbox.


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Greg contributed two different chapters in the 2012 Edition of the Top 100 articles of the year book. These are the best leadership articles, practical how-tos, and features from pastors and leaders in the Church.


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Greg wrote the Foreword to the eBook Facebook for Pastors. Download it HERE.


You can hear Greg speak on the subject of first impressions on various podcasts here:

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  1. Was a blessing listening to you at the Moody Pastors' conference 2013. Your session gave me a lot to think about at a Pastor, and a church leader. God richly bless you. You're young but God has blessed you with the wisdom of the sages. God is good!