Rest Day

Tuesday, I worked 14 hours. Wednesday, I worked 15 hours and yesterday (Thursday), I worked 17 hours. I’m…

Tuesday, I worked 14 hours. Wednesday, I worked 15 hours and yesterday (Thursday), I worked 17 hours. I’m sleeping in today and catching up on some much needed rest.

I want to give God praise for friends and peers in the ministry. I’ve mentioned my “network” before, but I must brag on them again. This week, my Tech Director friends have been a huge support and blessing to me. One local tech director called the other day to say he is getting everything taken care of at his church, so he can be on hand to help out our first Sunday (Feb. 3rd). Another local tech director called me today just to say “hang in there”.

Wednesday, I had the great honor of hanging out with an amazing tech and communications director from Kansas – Kirk Longhofer of the Technopraxis blog. Besides having fun, food and fellowship, I took the opportunity to pick his brain and learn from his years of experience as a technical director and work with television before that. I look forward to hanging out with him again at NRB and NAB and think he’s going to try to come out for another visit the last Sunday in February (which, by the way, my house will be full of guests from Washington DC and Phoenix) to visit one of our services.

Having given a few tours of our campus in the last 2 weeks, it occurred to me that I may have mislead some of you. Many of you have sent me encouraging emails – telling me it’s “almost over”, “hang in until Feb. 3rd”, etc. As I took some peers around our campus, they realized that we’ve only just begun. Friends, we are under construction until May.

First we moved into our new offices, then into our new gym, next is our new worship center – after that we move into our new community space, then start the renovation of our current worship center, our education building, our old offices and our children’s building. When all is said and done, there will be 7 new venues featuring sound, video and lights (our new worship center, plus 6 for kids and youth that are all themed out). It’s going to be a long haul, but when it’s over, our campus will be pretty special and a thing of beauty. If you’re coming to Dallas, you’ve got to swing by and check it out.


Some dear friends have asked how my family is doing. I so appreciate their support, accountability and prayers. I neglected to mention that my wife has been bringing our 3 kids by the church during the day, so I can see them – since they are asleep when I get home. It’s not a huge amount of time right now, but it’s just enough to get me through the day.