I don’t know about you, but for me – it’s retreat season. Two weeks ago I went on our Lead Team retreat (for our senior leadership of the overall church). We went to Branson, MO and discussed vision, values, systems and went line by line through our Personell Manual and updated it. Fun, right?

Today, I leave for Arkansas to go on a Pastors Retreat with my staff at the Carthage Campus. I worked a bunch last week on our agenda and what we’ll discuss for the next three days. We’ll talk about vision, values, goals, people/volunteers, Easter and several other things, including leaving room for my staff to chime in. I also build in fun time and plan to have fun and casual discussions over meals with my team.

I try to get away with my staff at least once a year (I might do more this year). We usually go away once a year for our Lead Team. When do you do your retreats? What do you discuss? What, if any, video resources do you use? We’ll be watching leadership videos (from Catalyst OneDay) of Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel. Tuesday will be like a conference day for my team. What are things that you go over and reinforce with your team weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly?

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