Something that is pretty cool and very special to me are the roses we display on our stage each week. The roses represent someone that has come to Christ in the past week. White roses represent children. Yellow roses represent youth. Red roses represent adults. Yesterday we had two red roses. I love the constant reminder of changed lives and what we are to be about. I’ve been on staff at Bent Tree now 6 months and there hasn’t been a Sunday, yet, where we didn’t have at least one rose on the stage – that’s amazing!

Another local church, Irving Bible, has their congregation members light candles each week and place them on the altar. The white candles represent something that God is up to in their life. The red candles represent someone that has come to Christ in the last week. It’s cool to see the red candles sprinkled throughout the sea of white candles.

Do you do anything like this at your church?

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