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This just in from Jake Ludington: Roxio MediaTicker offers Windows XP users the chance to add a Vista-like feature to Windows now. The app puts images in a scrolling stock-ticker style sidebar, with three size options. The sidebar appears on top, bottom, left or right side of your screen depending on your preference. You’re currently limited to choosing only one folder (including any subfolders) with My Pictures being the default. Selecting any picture from the ticker will give you a larger preview of the image with an option t o email the photo to a friend, set the image as your desktop background, or print the image. The beta of the next version includes support for RSS feeds in the ticker. You can bypass registering the app by hitting cancel when you launch the application for the first time. The one potential downside is Roxio is reserving the right to occasional feed announcements into the ticker at some point in the future, which is their tradeoff for making the app free.

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