Rubber Duckie

Please forgive me: This was supposed to post yesterday (Wed.). Pretend it’s Wednesday and then continue to read…

This was the picture from an email that our staff got yesterday after some mystery people put rubber duckies in our church’s new baptistry (for April Fools). Notice you only see their feet. Below is the email that claimed responsibility. Of course it was the Student Ministry.


Today, I’m in meetings all day and then have rehearsal tonight. I’m looking forward to Thursday (I’m getting together with 2 local tech directors).

I forgot to mention a while back when I had 2 separate lunches/tours of our new worship center with 2 other local tech directors: Dave Smith from Grace Outreach Center in Plano, TX and Bobby Dennis of The Heights Church in Richardson, TX. I enjoyed meeting both of them and look forward to getting to know both better.

Tomorrow I get together with my friend, Jason, the Director of Media Services at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, TX and Ryan, the Director of Technical Arts at Watermark Community Church in North Dallas. We all 3 just moved into new worship centers and are going to do a tour of our churches.

* In case you don’t know about my heart for networking and getting to know your church neighbors, you can read THIS blog post from a while back.

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