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Leading Yourself

Greg’s brand new ebook just released in the Summer of 2024.

Join the insightful journey into the art and science of self-management, self-discipline, and personal growth.

Whether you are leading a Fortune 500 company, a small team, or simply navigating the complexities of your personal life, this e-book offers invaluable insights into becoming a more effective, ethical, and impactful leader of your own life.

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The Secret
Power of Kindness

Greg’s new bestselling book (Summer of 2023) was the Amazon #1 Bestseller and #1 New Release. It has 45 endorsements, including 4 New York Times bestselling authors. The Foreword was written by New York Times bestselling author, Mark Batterson.

The old axiom is true: people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. We find ourselves in a cultural moment where people simply want to feel seen, heard, and loved. The good news? A little kindness goes a long way. It’s time for this overlooked and under-appreciated fruit of the Spirit to get its due.

Ready or not, be kind. – From the Preface. You can purchase the book HERE.

Secrets of a Secret Shopper

Greg’s third 5-star book is entitled Secrets of a Secret Shopper and is a bestseller in the Church Growth category. This book is on the ministry of hospitality, first impressions, and guest services for the local church written for pastors and church leaders. This book covers ten areas of focus including online presence, parking, signage, children’s ministry, security, and others.

The whole focus of this very practical book is to teach you how to reach and keep church guests. Greg’s passion is helping you turn first-time guests into second-time guests. If you’d like to be a more welcoming and inviting church, this book is for you.

If you’d like to learn more about the book before purchasing it, go HERE to view the book’s website.

Strange Leadership

Greg’s third book is called Strange Leadership and it’s been called “an encyclopedia on innovation.” This 5 star book became an Amazon Bestseller two weeks before it’s official release date and has been featured on,, Catalyst, ChurchCentral, FaithVillage,,, and in Rick Warren’s newsletter.

Are you a leader in a Christian organization? Is your church, ministry, or business lacking innovation? Perhaps you’re experienced in trying new things and moving in new ways, but you haven’t ever tried anything strange. Truly innovative leaders are often considered strange. Don’t settle for everyday leadership; immerse yourself in Strange Leadership!

Greg gives 40 different ways the Bible teaches us to be strange leaders. Greg pulls from Scripture to illuminate these concepts and, from the words and writings of other leaders, to drive them home. Strange Leadership is practically an encyclopedia on the subject of innovation. Go HERE to check out the book’s website and download free resources for your team, including a Team Discussion Guide.