Steve Stroop and The Nines Conference

Years ago, I had the privilege of consulting for Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, TX where Steve Stroop is Senior Pastor. He’s an amazing pastor and leader. Here he is in a sample video of what The Nines Conference is like. The Nines is this coming Tuesday and Wednesday.

Some other additional information you might find helpful:

  • The nines is designed specifically for church leaders

  • It lasts two days (next Tue/Wed Nov 12-13)

  • Starts at 11:00 EST each day.  (Schedule runs about 5 ½ hours each day)

  • Over 100 of your favorite speakers

  • Each speaker gets just 5 minutes.

  • Its totally online.  (No need for travel arrangements… just watch from your computer).

  • Absolutely free to watch on Tue/Wed.  But you must register at

  • History:  Was started five years ago on 09/09/09.  Originally, each speaker was given 9 minutes, and there were a total of 99 speakers that first year.  (You get where we got the NINES from!)  Over the years, we’ve kept the name, cut the time each speaker gets from 9 to 5, and grown the event to one of the largest online events for church leaders… attracting leaders from over 50 countries.

  • Fun fact:  We have a feed specifically for our European viewers of the NINES this year.

  • Watch this video to see what the conference is like:

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