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I was very happy to receive my copy of Sun Stand Still in the mail a couple of…

I was very happy to receive my copy of Sun Stand Still in the mail a couple of weeks ago. I knew Steven Furtick when he was a teenager. I remember him going to North Greenville College near where I grew up. Now I get to hear stories of how God is using him and his amazing church in Charlotte, NC. I hope you’ll get a copy. Read what Pastor Steven has to say about it:

When you strip the biblical miracles of their spectacular special effects, a common plot point emerges: extraordinary moves of God begin with ordinary circumstances and acts of obedience.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living. If God lives in you, you have the potential to witness God do the impossible. In you. Through you. And around you.

That’s easy to say. But it can be hard to believe. My upcoming book, Sun Stand Still, is all about audacious faith and the invitation to believe that you were made to experience the miraculous on a regular basis. But what I found in writing the book is that it’s easy for me to share my story of audacious faith. It’s easy for me to make applications to other church leaders about how to have audacious faith.

But it’s much harder to relate the concept of audacious faith to people who may not see their life’s work in a very audacious light.

Maybe you can relate. You might be thinking that nothing remarkable—much less supernatural—ever happens to you. Your prayers appear to be rarely and randomly answered. And no agenda item in your life seems big enough to warrant God’s undivided attention anyway. Audacity seems to be reserved exclusively for others—the special Christians.

Clearly, God does special things in a special way through special people. But where does that leave the rest of us?

For instance, how can you be an audacious school teacher?

An audacious parent?

An audacious hourly employee?

An audacious student?

An audacious wife?

What I concluded is that audacity is not simply an activity. Audacity is an approach. Audacity isn’t qualified by what you do. It’s all about how you do what you do. Sometimes audacious faith is defined by the nature of the activity. Being a missionary in a third world country requires audacious faith. Audacity kind of comes with the package.

Other times, audacious faith is activated by your approach and attitude. In other words, it’s possible to approach a simple or ordinary activity with an audacious attitude, and glorify God in a remarkable way. Audacity is every bit as attainable for you, whether you are a stay-at-home mom or an electrical engineer—if you dare to relate to God on a new level.

Here’s what I know: God is able to stir up your spirit, pour out his presence, and reveal his glory in your family, business, or community. And in Sun Stand Still I want to show you that the extraordinary presence and purpose of God will burn brightly in the life of anyone willing to be set on fire.

For more info, visit the Sun Stand Still page.

*** By the way, today I (Greg Atkinson) turn 35. Wow! I’m grown.