I’d like to name some TV shows like Heroes and LOST and movies like Watchmen, Push, Jumper, Superman…

I’d like to name some TV shows like Heroes and LOST and movies like Watchmen, Push, Jumper, Superman and Spiderman. Why is that I (and so many others) are drawn to movies that have supernatural themes to them?

Personally, Superman has always been my favorite. I’ve always secretly dreamed (literally) of having the ability to fly. I’m fascinated by the show Heroes. I loved the movie Jumper. 

Here’s what I wrestle with and have been chewing on lately: we seem to love and be drawn to the supernatural, however our own Christian faith is a supernatural faith and yet, we somehow seem to settle for a natural life. Has the fantasy/fictional nature of the TV shows and movies robbed us of or clouded our reality of a superatural faith?

One of our teaching pastors yesterday remarked on how Scripture teaches that what we can’t see (the supernatural world) is MORE real than what we do see (all around us). We may not be able to look at it now or touch it, but nevertheless, the supernatural is present all around us. 

Craig Groeschel of recently did a series titled “Practical Atheists”. This series got me thinking of how we as Christians – if we’re not careful – can live no differently than an atheist and never tap into the supernatural side of our faith. 

Let’s face it folks: We belive that Christ was raised from the dead. We believe there are heavenly creatures, beings, angels and demons. Jesus and His disciples healed the sick, the lame and the blind – even raised the dead. This, my friends, is a supernatural faith – like it or not.

As I chew on it more, I wonder if this natural desire that so many of us have to be supernatural (the reason we love these TV shows and movies) is a God-given, God-created desire that He places in us. Maybe, just maybe, since we are not of this world and are a part of a supernatural faith – maybe He allows our spirits to resonate with these themes we see lived out on the big screen. I don’t know – I’m processing it.

Where are you on the supernatural reality of our faith? Do you belive God really had the power to raise Christ from the dead? Do you believe Christ really had the power to raise Lazarus from the dead? Do you believe that God can and does heal the sick and diseased? 

Is your life and faith that you believe and practice SUPERnatural or just plain natural?