YouTube and U2 Make History

Sunday night I stayed up late (with my wife) to see U2 again – this time live via the web. YouTube made history when it broadcast U2’s Rose Bowl concert live over the internet to the entire world. Millions watched and if you missed it, you can watch it HERE.

By the way, I think U2 is genius for giving the world what they want: a free live concert. This was a smart and strategic move and should be applauded by all for those that made it happen. It will be interesting to see what YouTube continues to do in the realm of live streaming.

Below are some screenshots I captured while it was happening live…

1. This is the band hanging out backstage before they went out. Note the links to buy their album, join their newsletter, visit their website and donate to RED – a passion of Bono’s:


2. This is how close the cameras got:


3. Of course the event incorporated live Twitter feeds – which was very cool:


4. This is a view of their sweet stage and set from a distance:


5. Actually, this is how close the camera got:


I Am An Abolitionist

This isn’t about me – it’s about them (the 27 millions slaves around the world). God has been stirring in my heart since August and I’ve simply had enough. I’m stirred, moved, angered, disturbed, determined and trying my best to be obedient to my Maker’s call: I am an abolitionist.

This isn’t just a fad or phase – for me, I can’t return to the way I used to be. My eyes have been opened and I vow to spend the rest of my life fighting, praying, serving, rescuing, enlightening, spreading awareness, raising support – whatever small part I can do to be a part of this God-movement.

According to Wikipedia: “Because slavery still exists, with an estimated 27 million people enslaved worldwide, a new international abolitionist movement has recently emerged.” I and many others are a part of that movement.

The beautiful thing is that this movement is something that people of all faiths can agree on and join together in. I’m reaching out to my atheist, Morman, Muslim, Jewish and Universalist friends to join me in this movement. Do we each have our own beliefs, doctrines and convictions? Sure. I do not waver in my faith in Christ.

BUT I feel that we can join together in causes around the world: the poor and homelessness, the environment, AIDS, clean water, slavery and human trafficking, etc. These are issues that we all should be concerned with and join together regardless of our differing faith or religious views/backgrounds.

*** 12 things that I’m a part of and committed to work with:

What about you? What has God laid on your heart? Do the things that break His heart break yours? What is He up to in your life these days?
Today, my beautiful, precious daughter Grace turns 8. Grace is a gift from God and a true blessing in my life.