Pray For New England

This morning I fly to Boston. This will be my first, but hopefully not last, trip to this city. Pray that my time would be fruitful there this weekend. Below are the details:

Church 2.0 Fall Tour Sponsors & Registration

1. Friday, Oct. 17: Church 2.0 Local Forum – Boston

2. Friday , Oct. 24: Church 2.0 Local Forum – Tulsa
3. Friday, Nov. 7: Church 2.0 Local Forum – Portland
* I write this post for several reasons:
  • One – To encourage you to register (if you’re in the area I’m coming to) or pass the word on to a friend and peer in ministry that is in the area.Â
  • Two – To thank, praise and make you aware of the fine sponsors that not only support my ministry, but are relevant, valid and solid options for you to consider in your ministry context.Â
  • Three – I’d like to ask YOU to do something that I’ve never done before. Please blog about this Fall tour. Email your friends and peers. INVITE. INVITE. INVITE. These times together (I’ve done 6 so far) are special and powerful. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about these 3 cities coming up this Fall. God is stirring and moving in my heart and I know He has something special in store for these gatherings coming up.Â
  • Four – Pray for wisdom, discernment, vision, protection, provision, and God’s blessing. I feel strongly that God is allowing me to meet with these Church leaders in these 3 cities, making 9 in total since May. After Portland, I will end these for ’08. In 2009 I’ve got several great cities on my heart that I’ll share later.Â
  • Five – If your city, and particularly your church, would be interested in hosting a Church 2.0 Local Forum, email me and let me know. Many wonderful, innovative and growing churches have hosted these gatherings for ALL Church leaders. You and your church may be an answer to a prayer.Â
I simply want to acknowledge that this is all a God-thing and I’m humbled to just be a part of it.


Church 2.0 Fall Tour

I’ll leave today to go to California with Matt and Lance from Pursuant Group/Unifyer. We’ll be meeting with Brad Abare from ChurchMarketingSucks, Robert Yang from Kindle, visiting the Dream Center, Mosaic LA and other churches, as well as speaking at the ChurchTechCamp at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena on Friday.

Here’s what the Fall looks like:

Atlanta Trip Recap

That’s me with Chris and LV from Catalyst. They and Jesse (from the Catalyst blog) were at the Church 2.0 Local Forum – Atlanta. Behind us is the infamous “Vanagon” that LV has been driving around the country. It’s pimped out on the inside – don’t let the outside fool you. Jesse blogged about Church 2.0 a week ago HERE. I’m trying my best to be at Catalyst this year, like I have the last 3 years. Are you going to be there?

I had an amazing time in Atlanta. I heard of what the Church there is dealing with – good and bad. My heart was encouraged to hear of Unite and how churches are working together on various issues in the ATL area. My eyes were opened and I was stunned to hear of the child sex trafficking going on there (Atlanta is #1 in the nation). I had no idea. There are some great stories that I believe will find their way into the book (Church 2.0).

Like always, I met some new friends and some people I knew online face-to-face for the first time. It was a joy to connect with them. The host church, Perimeter, was awesome. They are doing some amazing ministry to their local community that was exciting to hear. They also have staff dedicated to just reaching out to other churches to work together – that’s cool and THAT’S a Church 2.0 Church!

Though my heart was full and I was encouraged by my time in Atlanta, I came back exhausted and desperately missing my family. I’ll blog more about them tomorrow. For now, I have decided to take the month of September off from traveling. I’m still coming to Boston in October, but have moved Portland to November – November 7th to be exact. For the next month, I’m going to rest, write and be with my family.

Beautiful Chicago

What a city! Today I (along with my intern, Jonathan) will be heading to Chicago. This will be my 5th year speaking at the Moody Bible Pastors’ Conference. I look forward to this conference every year and really enjoys the times of worship and the amazing preaching each main session. This will be Jonathan’s first trip to Chicago, so we’ll have to hit up all the tourist’s spots.

While I’m in Chicago, I’ll be hosting the 2nd Church 2.0 Local Forum. This will take place a Park Community Church in Chicago on Wednesday from noon to 3pm. If you’re in driving distance – please join us!

I called the Celtics at the beginning of the season – I still got them all the way. It’s going to be like old school: Lakers vs. Celtics. Celtics will win the title. You heard it here!