How To Create A Facebook Landing Page For Your Church

My friend downunder, Steve Fogg, inspired this blog post or at least encouraged me to write about it for my readers. When I create a secret shopper report for churches, the first thing I report on is the church’s online strategy and the first thing I look for is the church’s Facebook presence and specifically is they have a custom landing page.

Why is this important? To put it simply: If you’re trying to reach people, Facebook is your mission field. Facebook just passed 500 million users and if it was a country it would be the third largest in the world! By the way, if we’re not already friends on Facebook, we should be. Add me HERE.

Instead of giving you a step by step ‘how to’ on this post, below are some links which others have used as a tour guide to getting it done and also getting started on Facebook. Any and all of these can more than help you.

Darren Rowse from Problogger gives the clearest step by step instructions for creating a Facebook landing page here.

Brandon Knight provides an another excellent step by step guide.

DesignM.AG shows who they consider the best landing pages on Facebook are.

Smashing Magazine gives some insight and help here.

If your church isn’t on Facebook yet. Get on. ChurchCrunch provides 4 tips to help you get started.

Here are some great Facebook landing pages:

Soul City Church – this Facebook landing page was recognized by

Park Community Church


Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit

I created one for my secret shopper company HERE. If you’re not a member of the page, please join for special tips, insights and resources for your church.

Have you created any custom functionality in Facebook? How would you rate your church’s Facebook presence? Also, do you have some other awesome church Facebook landing pages that I need to know about and list? Share!

ECHO Premier Is A Success

If you’re not at ECHO, you’re going to wish you were and you need to plan for it next year. It’s always a good thing to come to Dallas! I had a great time for my first day of the ECHO Conference.

I got to catch the pre-lab class on “Design” – which rocked. It was so refreshing to watch a talented artist, Barton Damer, peel back the layers (literally in PhotoShop) and show how he created the conference logo (seen above).

I then hung out with Cynthia Ware and talked with several friends that were in town from around the country. Then Cynthia and I attended a special lunch and got to hear what’s coming down the road for WorshipHouse Media.

The rest of the day was a blur of conversations, meetings, classes, talking with my friends that are exhibitors, BBQ for dinner, more deep discussions and meeting people in person that knew me from online (Facebook, Twitter or my blog).

I was most impressed with how the ECHO team and the host church, Watermark, handled the night main session with my friend, Mark Batterson. Hats off to my local tech buddies Ryan Howell (Watermark) and Jason Cole (Lake Pointe) who were making it happen, along with Les and the rest of their team. My intern, Jonathan, even jumped in on camera. So Bent Tree, Watermark, Lake Pointe and the ECHO team came together as one – it was beautiful. We have a great local group of tech directors. I saw most of them today, including my friend, Brian Davis, from Fellowship Dallas.

The worship last night was great (led by my friend, Will Pavone, from McLean Bible in Washington DC. I moved from serving in the Washington DC area to Dallas). The visuals and lighting were notable. They truly led artistically and tastefully. I was very impressed and want to get the backgrounds that they used for the songs – they were awesome.

They had created a nice countdown, made great use of a left, center and right video screen and had a cool brief conference starter video. Good stuff. Batterson brought it and was encouraging and appreciative to technical artists. It was good to see him and his digital/tech team (Dave Clark, David Russell and Jeremy Sexton).

I ended the night chatting briefly with some local friends, including new Dallas resident: Rhett Smith, and got some brief time with my college friend, Shawn Wood, who will be speaking today. I also talked with Tim Stevens and his associate from Granger. I’ll spend some more time later today with Tim.

I picked up Tony Steward last night from the airport and am looking forward to spending some time with him these next few days. I teach today and tomorrow and am looking forward to meeting more of you.

More later, including my new resource of the month: Unifyer – which is one of the sponsors for the Church 2.0 Local Forum in Atlanta next week and is a new partner with my ministry. I can’t wait to tell you more about what they’re up to!

DAY ONE: Great. Well done ECHO team. Looking forward to the rest of the conference.