Headed to the National Outreach Convention

Tomorrow I leave for San Diego. I’ll be speaking for the first time at the National Outreach Convention. I’m really looking forward to it as I’ll be able to see many great friends, leaders I respect and hopefully meet some people for the first time. I’ll be speaking four times. Here’s where you can catch me if you’re attending:

Have You Heard of ARC?

From time to time I’ve referred to the ARC (Association of Related Churches) – a church planting organization that I’ve been working with a lot lately. I just returned from speaking at their BUG Conference. What you may not realize about ARC is all the great churches that partner with them.

What do Craig Groeschel and LifeChurch.tv, Mark Batterson and National Community Church, Chris Hodges and Church of the Highlands (remember they are the fastest growing church in the country), Greg Surratt and Seacoast Church, Jonathan Falwell and Thomas Road Baptist Church, Dino Rizzo and Healing Place Church, Matt Fry and C3 Church, Stovall Weems and Celebration Church and Rick Bezet of New Life Church all have in common? They are all ARC partners and choose to plant churches through the ARC.

I don’t know about you, but that’s an organization worth getting to know. I got to attend the ARC’s annual conference (All Access) back in April – it was awesome and can be seen on Daystar. I spoke at and attended their Bug Conference. I’m attending their CPR (Church Planters’ Roundtable) in September in Colorado Springs. I’m getting to see them real up close and personal and I like what I’m seeing.

I’ll share more about them in the near future, but I just wanted you to get to know them and explore some of their events and opportunities for growth. By the way, if you’re a church planter or about to plant a church: I want to hear from you! Give me a shout. If you’d like to know how your church can get involved and plant churches through ARC: Give me a shout.

Servolution Blog Tour

servolutionToday, many blogs are posting about Dino Rizzo’s new book Servolution. I got my copy recently and couldn’t wait to dive into it.
I was asked to ask Dino a question about the book/movement and he answered it below:
GREG: What kind of potential does the servolution vision have if it is trully embraced by the Church (capital C)? 
DINO: Greg thanks so much for being a part of this tour.  You’ve been an inspiration to so many with your heart for the Church (capital C) and that makes me all the more thankful for your question.
In John 13, Jesus was getting ready to hand off the work of the ministry to His disciples, and He wanted to make sure they got serving right. If they were going to be the ones to establish and continue the work after He returned to Heaven, they needed to really grasp the concept of serving.  And so He chose to demonstrate it one more time to them through a footwashing lesson.  These men would revolutionize the world – and the book of Acts story shows that they got His message.  If you want to be great, be the least.  Serve each other.  And this truth has the same potential today for the Church as it had then.
Serving isn’t a new idea – Jesus launched the Church with a serving lesson.  When a serovlution culture gets in a church serving gets in people’s lives, and when that happens, the potential is there for them to live out the story of the book of Acts.
The more we serve others, the more we look like the Church Jesus had in mind.
***Find out how to get your copy of the book HERE.