Have You Heard of OpenResources.org?

Yesterday I was contacted by John Falke of OpenResources.org, a new website for churches worldwide to download and use an entire library of creative materials – absolutely FREE. Materials include sermon audio, countdowns, promotional design graphics and opening videos from a wide variety of message series and churches.

In my book, Church 2.0, I have a whole chapter titled “Open Source” that is dedicated to writing about resources like this (and others I’ve mentioned on here before). I believe this open source model is a God-thing and am happy to tell others about it.

Church Video Idea:
This Sunday, as a Call to Worship, we’re using Amena Brown’s “He is Here” (HD) video from Bluefish.tv. The cool thing that I’m glad we’re doing is going with the “no music” version (they have one totally ready to go with background music and one with her speaking and no underscore).

While the video is playing and Amena is speaking (she’s amazing) – our band will be softly playing and building underneath – we’ll immediately go right into our first song when the video ends.

I’ve mentioned this before: the beautiful thing about Bluefish.tv is that their videos are $1.99! I’d encourage you to do like we have and download every video clip they have of Amena Brown.

How I Did It

In my “Church 2.0” class at NAB, I did a live text poll where people in the class texted in their vote and it updated in real time on the screen (via PowerPoint). Many asked how I did it. I did it using a website called Poll Everywhere.

I’d like to encourage you all, my blog readers, to participate, too. Please go HERE and select your answer to the poll. I tried posting the poll on my blog, but the text was too small to read. If you go to the link above you’ll be able to read all the options well and vote online. Tomorrow I’ll post the results.

Here are some places to check out free videos (that’s right: FREE) – actually they’re all types of media resources.