Guest Post by John Atkinson: Integrity

The following is a guest blog from John Atkinson, Director of Multi Site Ministries at Bay Area Fellowship – Corpus Christi, TX

There are many things a leader must have to be successful, but nothing, in my opinion, is as important as Integrity. Having Integrity will define your leadership, not having Integrity will too!

Why is Integrity so important?

1. Without integrity in our faith, we’ll change the Word of God to fit us, instead of changing us to fit the Word of God.

2.Without integrity, we’ll be able to see pride in others, while missing it in ourselves.

3. Without integrity, we’ll challenge others to live lives of purity, while in the privacy of our own homes we’ll fail at it.

4. Without integrity, we’ll pursue our own desires, instead of pursing God’s desires for us.

5. Without integrity, we’ll bend the truth so it will fit in the world as we want it to be, instead of living and leading in a world defined by GOD’S standard of truth.

6 Without integrity in our marriages, everything we love and hold close, we’ll still love, but it won’t be close for us to love and hold any more.

7. Without integrity in our leadership, the careers, churches, or businesses we love and hold close, we may still love, but they won’t be ours to hold close any more.

Bottom line, without integrity, we really have nothing.