YouVersion Live Coming Soon

The following is an announcement from Kent Shaffer’s blog that I thought was worth you knowing about and keeping an eye on:’s interactive online Bible, YouVersion, is about to take the interactivity up a notch and to congregations around the world.

It’s called YouVersion Live (October 2009 launch). And it allows pastors, conference speakers, teachers, and group leaders to share content and real-time feedback on mobile devices during live events. Essentially, YouVersion Live is interactive digital message notes that allow the audience to:

  • take notes and save them online
  • read the Bible
  • ask questions and get answers during the message
  • do surveys anonymously via a YouVersion Live poll
  • get extra content via blog links, YouTube videos, and other resources
  • share the message with a friend
  • request prayer
  • give online

It is easy to create a YouVersion Live message guide. All a speaker has to do is drag and drop the features he wants to use into his template on a super-simple YouVersion Live admin area. All an audience member needs is a web-enabled phone, netbook, or laptop.

YouVersion Live

Already over 1.8 million iPhone users have YouVersion on their phone, which is equivalent to 1 in 27 iPhones. YouVersion’s rapid growth means your user base already exists. All you need to do is use YouVersion Live’s super-simple admin panel, and you can take your audience engagement to incredible new places.

YouVersion Live launches in October 2009. Until then, you can sign up for updates