Minute To Win It = Great Games for Student Ministry

One of the TV shows I love to watch is Minute to Win It. Ever seen it? It’s on NBC and it’s a ton of fun. Search YouTube and you’ll see tons of people attempting to do the games at home. I got to talking with the youth pastor at my church and we decided the games used on the show would be great for games (and particularly a “Game Night”) at our church.

So two weeks ago, Jay (our youth pastor) and I browsed YouTube for the games we wanted to do on Game Night, downloaded the intro videos (as seen in this blog post) and then went off to the store to gather materials. The result? The youth loved it and most were familiar with the TV show and excited to get to attempt the fun games.

Yesterday, I did a secret shopper at 12Stone Church in Atlanta and they played Minute to Win It games in their children’s ministry. My kids thought it was fun and funny.

So, go to YouTube, search Minute to Win It and start incorporating some new, fun games for your kids/youth!