Get to Know Parable Creative

I wanted to re-introduce you to Parable Creative, an organization that I support, believe in and am on the board of. They are a creative agency designed to help ministries and non-profits tell their story to inspire people to take action. Check out this video:

Parawhat? from Parable Creative on Vimeo.

What’s interesting about Parable is that they are not just a website shop. They are a full-service agency that has long-term partnerships in mind. They do the research from the target audience and from the client themselves to come up with strategies that inspire. Then they help the org figure out the best way to carry out the ideas, which may or may not include them creating all the ideas they come up with. In fact a major part of their company is a not for profit group called The Parable Society. It is a network of creative professionals that volunteer through Parable Creative for Pro Bono work. Here’s another video on that:

Parable Society from Parable Creative on Vimeo.

If you have a vision for a cause you are trying to get of the ground or if even if you are an established organization, contact them at to find out how they can help.

What Is Parable Creative?

Parable Creative is a creative agency that helps ministries and non-profits. I’m proud to serve on the board of this new organization and will be at our first board meeting in Atlanta this coming Monday night. Check out this slide presentation…