Top Ten Texts From Greg Atkinson

Yes, I could of said “Top Ten Texts from Me”, but I put my name in the title for Google search reasons. 🙂

Here are the Top 10 things I text regularly:

1. Where we eating?

2. Going to a movie.

3. In the movie.

4. Leaving the movie.

5. Pray for me.

6. Flight just landed.

7. Chilling with the family.

8. At the restaurant – you want to join us?

9. What’s going down? or What’s up?

10. 50 cent Tuesday at the dollar movie – you in?

Texting Trials

I see a lot of movies. A lot. SO…. I know when something is new or different at the movies. This weekend I saw a movie (or two) and I noticed something for the first time. The cheesy little animation that occurs right before the movie begins – which usually says something to the effect of “Please silence your cell phones” – NOW has a new “Please don’t text during the movie.”

They even had a picture of the movie theater with the scattered lights of cell phones popping up throughout the theater and said that the light from the phone would distract viewers. Good lord. Has it really come to that?

I LOVE texting. Love it. We had to change our cell phone plan due to my texting habits. I answered “Yes” to Tim Steven’s “Do you text while driving? ” question. Texting is a valid and major part of my communication. However, I do try to resist in a movie. I might text quickly to say “Can’t talk now” or “In a movie”, but I don’t go back and forth during a movie. I’m all about the movie.

I have a friend, who shall remain nameless, that texts all throughout the movie – it drives me crazy. I find myself elbowing him to watch something important on the screen.

What are your texting thoughts, hang-ups, habits? Let’s confess – confession is good for the soul.

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