The Most Segregated Day of the Week

This is a blog that’s been a long time coming. I think about racial diversity often and last week I was reminded of how white my church is. I went to visit another local church that is also predominately white, but more diverse than my congregation and it jumped out at me (again).

I’ve said it countless times. I don’t understand why, but Sunday is the most segregated day of the week. I’ve had lengthy discussions with various friends (half of my friends are either African-American, Asian or Indian). I’ve discussed this with various Church leaders and friends/bloggers that have similar interests, passions and desires to see the Church embrace diversity – friends and bloggers such as DJ Chuang and Scott Williams.

Because I grew up in the South, I should be used to an all-white church service. I was brought up in an all-white church, even though I played several sports and had several black friends. When it came to Sunday, we went our separate ways and worshipped with “our own”. Now, 20 years later, I still see that going on.

I know great and gifted white pastors, but they have predominately white congregations. I know great and gifted black pastors (TJ Jakes and Tony Evans come to mind), but they lead predominately black churches. I know great and gifted Asian pastors (Dave Gibbons comes to mind), but they lead a predominately Asian congregation.

Soon I’ll blog about the concept of diversity and share some thoughts, but as for today, I’d just like to hear your thoughts, insights and reasons on why you think most churches experience this sort of segregation when it comes to worship. I think about this EVERY single week at my church. God help us!