Ten Things Church Planters Should Do AFTER Their First Year

  1. Build systems that create sustainability.  Vision is great, but visionaries can like arsonists. You’ve got to find a way to get the thing organized.
  2. Don’t stop raising money.  Just because you’ve launched doesn’t mean you don’t need support.  Your expenses are going up, so make sure YOU stay in the role of Chief Fundraiser.  This will help.
  3. You’ve got to preach good sermons.  People don’t stay in church because you strap yourself to the top of a telephone pole for 24 hours.  Leave the hype behind and work on your sermons.  They are far more important than your mailouts and website.  This will help.
  4. Don’t delegate to nobody.  You’re not a megachurch with an army of specialists to do the work.  You’re going to have to think like a business startup and do the work.
  5. Volunteers are like gas on the fire.  The most important work you need to do is develop, appreciate and inspire volunteers.  Bill Hybles says the church is the greatest leadership proving ground in the world because you can’t use power, position or money to motivate people.  This will help.
  6. Don’t fall into the comparison trap.  The church down the street or the one you follow on the web is made up of entirely different people.  While you should learn from others, don’t compare yourself to them  unless you just want to feel miserable.
  7. Make sure your family is your #1 ministry.  I missed this one for too long and paid a price.  Who cares if your church plant gets recognized for something if your spouse is miserable.
  8. Invest in your faith and leadership.  All the networks and coaching to help you get started are great, but you need to hitch your wagon to some people who have been there before you.  Stop meeting people to pick their brains and hire a coach.
  9. Grow where you are planted.  I’ve seen a lot of guys get infatuated with buildings and programs and miss all the ministry opportunities right before their eyes.  There are a lot of things you don’t have, but what you do have is a strength.
  10. Remember.  The early days of our church plant were great…I didn’t stop to appreciate them enough.  Don’t try to rush through them to get to better things.

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One thought on “Ten Things Church Planters Should Do AFTER Their First Year

  1. Interesting tips Greg. I believe anyone who's planting a church will greatly benefit from these tips. I also wanna suggest Dag Heward-Mills' "Church Planting" a wonderful book that incorporates most of the pointers you share here, and juxtapose them to years of exposition from practical experience. Great read for every Christian. Be blessed! 🙂