The Campus Pastor Interviews: Scott Williams

The following is and interview with Scott Williams of from October 2008. These are Scott’s answers:

What is your ministry background? What did you do before becoming a Campus Pastor?
I don’t have any formal “ministry training” besides volunteering within one of the ministry areas.

Prior to becoming a Campus Pastor at; I had spent 13 years 6 months and 7 days in the prison system… I was actually a warden in both the Adult and Juvenile Correction Systems.  My other professional experience includes but was not limited to:  Real Estate Investment, Correctional Consultant, Assistant to Company President, Political Consultant, Lobbyist, Small-Business Owner, College Professor…

If you were a pastor, do you still preach? If you were a pastor, do you miss preaching regularly?

How would you define the role of Campus Pastor?
Being a Campus Pastor provides the unique opportunity to cast vision, pastor, shepherd, lead, provide fiscal accountability, counsel, train, develop…. without the responsibility of teaching/preaching each and every weekend. Although as a Campus Pastor, I will teach several times a year.  I personally feel that I have the best of both worlds; my campus receives the teaching from our Senior Pastor Craig who is a truly gifted leader and phenomenal communicator. Additionally, I get to be the “Senior Pastor” for my campus.

With your focus being on the role of a Campus Pastor and not preparing a weekly sermon, what do you get to do that you think a lot of pastors/preachers miss out on? What are the advantages of your role?
Again, I have the best of both worlds; my campus receives the teaching from our Senior Pastor Craig who is a truly gifted leader and phenomenal communicator. Additionally, I get to be the “Senior Pastor” for my campus.  I think other pastors might miss out on the fact that they don’t have the freedom to just lead; without the absence of the time and commitment necessary for adequate weekly sermon preparation.  If teaching is an individual’s primary spiritual gift, then the role of Campus Pastor in the system could pose a challenge to adequately express that gift.

What are the unique challenges for a Campus Pastor at a multi-site role?
Balancing centrally driven directives/initiatives vs. individual campus autonomy; as well as developing a unique overall campus culture.

What is your communication like with your main campus or central support system?
Consistent communication via e-mail, conference calls, video conferencing, face-to-face meetings and consistent communication with Regional Campus Pastor, who serves as Supervisor/Advocate/Liaison between the Campus Teams and the central organization.

This is from DJ Chuang of Leadership Network: Do you have a backup plan? If technology fails you are you the one to preach that day? What is your backup plan?
Our back-up plan includes receiving a copy of our Senior Pastor’s sermon notes mid-week prior to the weekend experience.  If satellite is down or there is a technical difficulty prior to our first Saturday night experience; then I will have to teach the message…

As a result of our Satellite being moved less than 1 degree during a serious wind storms;  I personally had to preach a last minute message from Craig’s sermon notes… only one-time so far (Praise The Lord).  We record the Saturday night service and implement a multi-layered redundancy plan for the remainder of the weekend. (Satellite, DVD, DVR, Back-up Hard Drive)

Anything that you’d like to say, add, point out, etc.?
It is more difficult than one would think to effectively lead a campus/congregation with minimal weekly stage time.

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