The Nativity Story, Classics and New Hotness

In my “Christmas Media Review“, I mentioned several resources for those of you that are doing something related…

Nativity Collection from WorshipHouse

In my “Christmas Media Review“, I mentioned several resources for those of you that are doing something related to the new nativity movie. WorshipHouse now has made available “The Nativity Collection” that I mentioned in my review. The new collection includes a mini-movie, countdown, 4 motions and 8 stills – all for $25.

The Cowboys release kicker Mike Vanderjagt. Praise God. It drives me crazy to see a kicker miss field goals – it’s their only job. They get paid millions to just kick a ball through the uprights. He was paid way too much to miss. I can go out there and miss for free. If I think about it for too long, I’ll just get all upset. He’s gone and I’m moving on.

Yesterday I mentioned that I was going to guest speak at Southwestern Seminary – that went great. I had a blast and was humbled and honored to speak at a school with such a rich history of faculty and alumni. The students seemed to enjoy it and were exposed to a lot of media that’s available to the Church. It’s always so much fun to show a video (that I’ve seen hundreds of times) to a group of people that are seeing it for the first time. Three videos stuck out and got the greatest reaction. I’m amazed each time I show them, that they hadn’t seen them before. Here’s the three videos that seemed to stand out as class favorites:

  1. God is God” by City on a Hill Productions – POWERFUL. Get the tissues.
  2. The Gospel According to Blaine” by Igniter Media Group – Classic. This is one of my all-time favs. People love it.
  3. That’s My King!” by Igniter Media Group – Duh! This video is #1 on every website that sells it. I used this video to end my class.

Igniter Bumpers
Speaking of Igniter Media Group, I mentioned a while back that they were coming out with a new series called “Bumpers” – well, it’s out and I like it. I really do. This is what I call “Church Media 2.0” – I’m making that term official with quotation marks and everything. I got my copy of “Bumpers” and immediately began playing with it. Here’s what’s cool: there is a standard option and an advanced option. You can do the simple – an intro video, a still designed for text overlay, and an outro video, all of which combine to form a visually stimulating means of communicating with your crowd OR you can really do some cool stuff with the advanced options. Either way, it looks like you made custom video announcements. Also included is a video tutorial (with the unmistakable voice of one Mr. Trent Armstrong) that will show you how to start using the Bumpers. The style is fresh and sharp. The quality is top notch and most of all, these are usable.

Thumbs up