The Passing of a Man of God


Yesterday we lost a dear man in my congregation. It’s been a whirlwind of emotions ever since. This man (George Stinebrook) was a dear friend, a father or grandfather figure in my life and someone I dearly loved and deeply respected. He had just celebrated 50 years of marriage.

George was a kind and generous spirit. Always helping people behind the scenes. He was a true servant. He was one of the first to arrive each Sunday morning (he would prepare Communion, which we offer each week) and he was one of the last to leave (he would collect the offerings and Communication Cards out of our offering boxes and put them in our safe). He was one of only two men in our church that had an all access key to our church (like the staff).

George once did a funeral for me when I couldn’t do it. How many people do you know in your church that could lead and preach a funeral? Very few. He was also a member of my Pastor’s Prayer Team – a group of saints that I meet with to pray, have intercede for me and my family, share requests with and pray before each worship service on Sunday. He will be dearly missed and our church will not be the same without him there. Sunday will be a tough day for us all. Pray for us!

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