The Soloist

Want to know me… or know me better? Know that I LOVE movies. I see matinee movies, midnight movies, back-to-back movies, dollar movies, IMAX movies, sneak-peak movies. I LOVE movies. God speaks to me through movies – always has. Want to reach me? Speak my language? Move me? Do it through a movie. That’s why I’m excited to be sending one of my interns to Hollywood.

The Soloist

Anyway, there is a movie that has got my attention and I’ve started to tell my friends about it. It features two of my favorite actors: Jamie Foxx (a gifted actor, comedian and musician) and Robert Downey, Jr. The movie is called “The Soloist” and looks like a great film. I can’t wait to see it. Spread the word!


On another note, I am thrilled to have our Christmas production out of the way. It went well. We had some power outages due to wind for the 2 hours leading up to the first show, but miraculously they stopped once it was go-time. We do have Christmas Eve services, but they should be relatively light and simple. Tonight we have our Worship & Arts Christmas Party and will be watching a highlight video of the past year. Should be fun.

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