The Vanderbloemen Search Group and Help Staff Me Unite

More and more, churches are turning to staffing specialists to get the right people on the bus. Last…

More and more, churches are turning to staffing specialists to get the right people on the bus. Last month, two of the leading search firms in the church world united. The Vanderbloemen Search Group (specializing in large church executive searches) and Help Staff Me (specializing in mid-level staff) have combined their resources and expanded their networks of relationships.

I recently asked the head of the firm, William Vanderbloemen, What’s the best way to get promoted? Here’s his answer:

“The single best piece of advice I’ve heard for succeeding in work didn’t come from a textbook or an expert; – it came from a most unlikely place….a job interview.

I was conducting an interview a while back for a search. The candidate, who had a good job, and had no reason to leave his secure setting sat in front of me, and I asked him why we were meeting. His response:

I love my job. This is a good church. But I want to be somewhere where my ideas and vision are celebrated, not just tolerated.

That’s a great lens for thinking about how to succeed in your work environment. Do you celebrate your work, or just tolerate it?

The best employees I see, and also the ones who get the most promotions, are the ones who don’t just tolerate, they celebrate. They celebrate their boss, even when that boss is imperfect. They celebrate their job, even if it isn’t the dream post for their life. They celebrate their church members, even when they act like they really, really need a Savior.

Think of Joseph serving while in prison. Think of David serving as a shepherd. Think of this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for the ungodly.

God doesn’t just tolerate you. He celebrates you.

Try the same attitude at your work, and I bet you’ll be more productive, more appreciated, and likely promoted.

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