This is the Way Songs Should Be Offered

One of my favorite new songs is Vineyard’s new song “Sweetly Broken”. Want to give it a listen?…

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One of my favorite new songs is Vineyard’s new song “Sweetly Broken”. Want to give it a listen? It is the song that plays when you go to my Myspace page. just picked “Sweetly Broken – A Modern Worship Resource Suite” as the 2006 Resource of the Year.

What is a “modern resource suite” you ask? I’m glad you asked. It’s genius. It is the way I believe companies should offer all their songs. First of all it’s digital. I just wrote a new article entitled “Noise” where I mentioned a book I’m reading from the Berklee School of Music entitled “The Future of Music”. I can sum it all up in one word: Digital. One quote from the book: “The record industry is terminally ill. The music industry is vibrant and healthly.” BONUS: Want to take an online class from Berklee on the future of music? Click HERE.

Wisely, Vineyard is offering digital downloads of each song resource, so there is no reason (or cost) to wait for items to be shipped to you. You can immediately listen and view online samples of every resource. Check them out in any format (audio, video, print and presentation files).

Please Note: Shortly after completing the check-out process you will receive an email with instructions for downloading your “Sweetly Broken” resource. You will not be prompted to download the product during the checkout process.

Of special notice for readers of this blog is the MPEG video, which has already been created for you. Want to do the song LIVE with the video? Just by the MPEG video click track listed above under Video Resource, which comes with lyrics or without lyrics.