This Statement Convicts Me

Last week on Twitter, David Platt posted the following tweet from Scott Hill: “God does not reveal the intimate things of His heart to those who casually come and go.”

That brief statement has haunted me. I confess that sometimes I approach my devotional time with God in a casual way or as if I’m checking off a to-do list. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had times in my spiritual journey where I craved and earnestly desired to be alone with God for long amounts of time and have experienced God speak to my heart over and over.

I guess the statement reached out and slapped me out of where I currently am in my own walk with Christ and convicted me to “return to my first love.” It’s interesting, “convict” or “conviction” is not a very popular word these days, but it’s a part of who I am. Sometimes God convicts me (by His Holy Spirit) and it lets me know He’s my Father and Lord and wants the best for me.

What are you wrestling with these days? What have you heard recently that convicted you?

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2 thoughts on “This Statement Convicts Me

  1. Whew…that's a tough but I'm inclined to agree. In my own walk I hear this following question from God (from time to time).."What would happen if you REALLY trusted me?" Man does that ever stop me in my tracks.

    Thanks bro'

  2. Wow… hearing it now certainly hit me like a brick. I think it's human nature to get away from our daily walk every now and then. This statement just drives it home that if there is any part of human nature we fight, it needs to be this one.

    Thanks for sharing. I have a lot of reflection to do.