Tim Stevens Summarizes Perry Noble

Tim Stevens just wrote a summary of the ICC talk given by Perry Noble, Senior Pastor of NewSpring…

Tim Stevens just wrote a summary of the ICC talk given by Perry Noble, Senior Pastor of NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC. I met Perry 3 years ago at the Creative Church Conference (when both his church staff and mine were on a tour of Texas Stadium – I didn’t know I’d end up moving to Dallas!). God is using Perry to do some amazing things, including starting and leading a mega-church in ANDERSON, South Carolina. Please understand, I was born and raised in Greer, SC – 20 minutes from Anderson. That city is the least likely to have a large church – it’s purely a God-thing.

Below is Tim Steven’s summary of Perry’s talk:

  • A county of 170,000 people.
  • I can’t figure out why God is using us. We just pray, “yes — whatever you want, that’s what we are going to do.”
  • Message to Senior Pastors — your church will get on fire when you do.
  • In 1999, God laid it on my heart to start a church. This was a problem because I didn’t even like churches. Pastors seemed fake to me.
  • In the south, we are known for two things–Waffle House and churches. There is one of each on every corner. But still, 48% were unchurched.
  • August of 2002 we had 500 people. The next week we had 900 people show up. The next week 1000, then 1100 the next week. We went from 500 to 1600 in six weeks and I still have no idea why. It was a God thing.
  • We had over 4500 people coming every week in rented facilities.

Four quick thoughts that have worked for Perry and his team…

  1. Engage — church is boring. Church should be the most engaging place on the planet. If the tomb really is empty, let’s get excited about it.
  2. Enlarge — numbers represent souls. No one has ever accused me of being deep. We decided to be more concerned with comes in the door than who goes out the door. Some people say we need to close the back door of the church. Are you kidding? The church is the body. You close the back door of the body, you end up with a constipated church.
  3. Endure — A church is not effective when the pastor ministers to the people. They are only effective when the people minister to each other.
  4. Enable — let people do what they are good at. Empower them for ministry. I’m not responsible for the passion of someone else. Find people who love God. If you get them involved, it will be amazing what will happen in their life.

This is an amazing time to be alive. Can you imagine if Paul could blog? If Peter could hop on a plane?