Tough Topics

This is not the norm, but my pastor has felt led to tackle some tough subjects lately. He’s been in a series on a number of social issues. Yesterday he preached on what the Bible has to say about abortion. Did you know that 1 out of 3 women has had or been affected by an abortion? That’s just the women – this is an issue that men struggle with and carry guilt for years.

We really saw God move in all 4 of our services yesterday. There were some amazing conversations and times of ministry after each service. Apparently we hit a nerve and the Spirit was able to really set some people free. Next week our pastor is again tackling a tough subject: What the Bible has to say about gay marriage. I look forward to seeing how God uses next week to build, comfort and strengthen our body.

Yesterday we had a woman on our worship staff share her story of her choice for an abortion when she was a senior in high school. We did this live at each service and it was very powerful. This coming week we will have a video testimony from one of our worship team members that used to be in a gay lifestyle.

Do you mix between live and video testimonies at your church? How have you seen God use real life stories in your congregation?

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