Last night I went to i55. Usually I’m playing with the band and more involved, but the band…

Last night I went to i55. Usually I’m playing with the band and more involved, but the band is currently on a break, so I got to just be there and worship. Wow…I needed that. I didn’t realize how drained and full of anxiety I was. Driving home from work I felt a big spirit of heaviness and just knew I needed to go worship and be in God’s presence.

With the all the “newness” of my new job (new faces, new names, new systems and procedures to learn, etc.), the quickly approaching Easter season and all that goes with overseeing the technical aspects of our building project (which includes a new worship center, a new gym with sound, video and lights for the youth and the renovation of our current worship center, which will be where our children’s ministry meets) – all those combined were beginning to take their toll on me and causing me some stress.

I came home and saw my family for a little bit and then left as my kids were heading to bed to attend i55. God really spoke to my heart last night and I left all my stress and anxiety there and thankfully didn’t bring it back home. God opened my eyes and ministered to my spirit – it was an awesome and wonderful time of refreshing.

A few things that God, with His still small voice, impressed upon my heart and resonated with me:

  • We sang the words: “More of You and less of me. More of You and less of me.” – that really resonated.
  • “Consuming Fire… Let my heart and my life be kindling for Your fire.” – that was a spontaneous song that the worship leader sang.
  • I felt God say: “When pride walks in, I walk out.” – that stung, but resonated. God help me to walk in humility.


Yesterday I blogged about “My Slice of Pi“. It looks like many of you went and got your own “slice of Pi”. I need to update you on a pricing change they just made (in your favor): the price structure just changed. It’s now much cheaper than previously priced. Each number is its own price…so rather than a 5 being $50 it’s now $5. Zeros are still free. Go get your slice of Pi!

Life Church Second Life campus

You’ve got to check out LifeChurch.tv’s new Second Life campus. For the last few months they have been working on a virtual campus in Second Life. If you are not familiar with Second Life, you can read more about it in Wikipedia.

They purchased an island (16 virtual acres of real estate) and have worked with both in-house and outside developers to develop the property. There are still several areas of the island that they have not developed, but are opening the island for a beta test this week. For more info on this read HERE.