Ah, the healing and therapeutic joys of venting with my peers. Let me tell you about this past Friday. First, I had lunch with a local tech director from one church. I was frustrated about some construction/new building issues and he had gone through a building project a year ago. We were able to both vent and share what’s going on in our lives. I needed it and left refreshed.

As I mentioned before: I’ve been visiting other churches to get ideas as we move into our new worship center (which now looks like it will be Feb. 3rd). I went to a local church that has a Friday night service. After their service, I went to eat with this church’s tech director. He had just finished a building project and has been in his new worship center for 2 months. Again, we were both able to vent, share our frustrations, encourage one another and go beyond the surface. We shared about our personal lives and marriages and grew closer to each other.

Venting is healthy and crucial to longevity in ministry. I highly recommend it. As I mentioned in an earlier blog: it’s good to have a local network of peers to meet with and get to know well. Because I have “my network”, I was able to lean on my friends and be encouraged by them. I thank God for our relationships and how we sharpen one another.


To all you Ohio State fans: Welcome to the SEC, baby! Florida had to spank you last year and LSU proved it once again – you can’t hang with the SEC. Give it up!

FYI: I shaved off my beard. Woo hoo!

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